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They say that effective video production isn’t really production- it’s pre-production. ‘Pre-pro’ expertise and planning is what separates stellar programming from a waste of time, money and your image.

Michael O’Rourke Productions offers the following project services:





-Timeline planning

-Resource scheduling


-Rights acquisition & clearances

-Location fees & insurance

-Crew & equipment specification



-Bid documents



-Script content

-Shot direction

-Packaging content

-Web content


-Shoot day scheduling


-Location directing

-Studio directing

-Pro talent direction

-Non-pro talent direction

-‘VIP’ direction



Location Audio Mixing:

-(2) full broadcast audio packages

-Sound Devices/PSC/Mackie mixers

-Mics by Schoeps & Sennheiser

Production & Post-production:

-4K & HD Crews

-FCP/PP/Resolve editing & CC

-2D & 3D graphics

-Set design, construction, propping

-Teleprompting services

-Make-up artists

-Talent agents

-Duplication & replication

-Production insurance


Satisfied Clients

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